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Happy couple walking into sunset.You have spent a lifetime planning, providing and protecting those you love and call family.

Or maybe you are just starting out on life’s journey with a young family.

Perhaps you have transitioned into a new or unexpected phase of life and need to re-evaluate your asset protection or update your estate plan.

Wherever you are in life, now is the time to plan how your legacy will benefit generations to come. At the Law Office of Lynn S. Laffoon, I help guide clients through the complex world of estate planning and not-for-profit. I listen; then evaluate your particular needs and desires to help you accomplish those goals through comprehensive estate planning, asset transfer, not-for-profit services and trust administration.

Estate planning means different things to different people. For some, it is a simple will. For others, it is setting up trusts to fund a particular purpose or philanthropic goal while minimizing transfer taxes. One size does not fit all. First and foremost, the Law Office of Lynn S. Laffoon will provide education to help you understand what estate planning means in general before crafting your unique plan. As the daughter of an educator, I believe knowledge helps my clients become powerful and active participants in their own planning.

With today’s busy on-the-go families, it is easy to put off estate planning for another day. However, no one needs the added burden during a catastrophic event of addressing the care of young children when parents are no longer available or wondering who should make end of life decisions for a beloved family member. My office can help you put those pieces in place with the right documents to lessen the stress during times of crisis.

My family, just like yours, is important to me and fills me with purpose each day. I want the very best for my parents, children and grandchildren. That’s why I have dedicated my law practice to helping families at every stage of their personal and professional life feel they have a trusted partner assisting them to continue protecting those they hold dear.

Please familiarize yourself with all of my areas of practice on the upcoming pages of this website to see where this office can be of service to you. If I can help, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment to discuss your goals and desires. I never charge for an initial consultation and am happy to answer general questions about estate planning.

My door is always open and I look forward to working with you because your legacy matters.

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